Residential Solar

More and more homeowners are switching to solar technology to light up their houses. Using solar energy as your partial or only power source will significantly lower your monthly electricity bills. It is also a fantastic way to start practicing sustainability in your daily lives.

By going solar you will reduce your carbon footprint. If solar panels or other equipment are installed properly in your home they can last for many decades. Of course they have to be properly maintained and regularly inspected. Thomas Electrical can help you with all your solar power needs for your residential building project. We provide flexible residential solar services so we can help you figure out the best way to use solar power for your home and get the most out of the technology.

How a Residential Solar System Can Help You Save Money

It is an established fact that a solar system can significantly decrease the amount you have to spend on energy bills. However a lot of people don’t know how solar power actually helps homeowners save money. In Australia there are two ways to save energy and money by switching to a solar energy source:

1. Reduces the Amount of Energy You Have To Pay Your Electricity Provider

By installing a residential solar power system you will recieve most of your daily electricity needs from your installed solar panels. Most systems balance the electricity from your solar panels and electricity provider. Around 30-70% of a household’s daily energy consumption will come from the acquired solar panels. If an additional battery storage system is installed up to 100% of a household’s energy consumption will be covered by the solar power system.

2. Excess Solar Energy Will Get You a Discount or Rebate on Your Energy Bill

This is an interesting and fantastic way to save money through solar energy. When a residential solar power system is installed in your home, you will not always fully consume the energy generated by your solar panels. Since the amount of energy generated by your system is dictated by the sun there will be times when your energy consumption is less than the energy generated. When this happens your surplus solar energy can be sold to the grid at a rate known as ‘feed in tariff.’ The typical rate is around 3-12c per kWh. You will see this in detail on your energy bill.

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Thomas Electrical has been providing expert electrical services to satisfied clients for so many years now. We have mastered the craft of fulfilling every electrical need or problem in commercial and industrial buildings. We only employ experienced and well trained electrical workers to guarantee flawless services to our new and existing clients. When you decide to work with us we will be transparent and inform you of every detail, decision, outcome and plan during the project. We offer flexible services to help you get the best solutions to your electrical needs or problems. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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