Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

What is PPA?

PPA or Power Purchase Agreement is becoming more and more popular among businesses and companies in Australia. We all want to reduce our carbon footprint, have security when it comes to electricity supply and of course, lower our energy costs every month.

PPA is an agreement between a business or company and a renewable energy source. Instead of the typical fixed-rate agreement with electricity providers many companies now prefer PPA’s. With PPA, a business buys electricity from a single renewable source at a set price and for a set period of time.

Types of PPA

Off-site PPAs

This type of PPA is perfect for companies and businesses wanting a renewable energy source but don’t really have the space or preference for an on-site solar power system. The solar company will build a solar power system facility for the client and provide renewable energy at a set price and a set period of time.

On-site PPAs

This PPA type involves allowing a solar power company to install solar panels on your house roof for free. In exchange the solar energy generated through your homes solar panels will be sold back to you at a cheaper rate than what you usually get from a traditional electricity provider. You can still keep your previous electricity source if you need more power to run your household or if there are days when the amount of electricity produced by the solar panels is not enough. You will not be required to completely switch to a solar energy source.

If you’re concerned about the ownership of the solar panels installed on your roof for free, there’s no need to worry. Most PPA providers will pass the ownership to clients after the end of the set period indicated in the agreement. It’s also a huge bonus that solar companies will pay for all upfront installation costs.

Multi-entity PPAs

These PPAs are usually between businesses or retailers and a renewable energy provider. Solar companies will combine a number of separate entities close enough to one another in order to get enough load and enter into an agreement with the electricity provider.

Reasons to Enter into a PPA

These are some of the reasons why it’s a great idea to enter into a PPA
  1. It will help you save a lot of money due to lower energy costs.
  2. With an off-site or on-site PPA, you have the chance to own a solar power system without a huge upfront payment. 
  3. You will reduce your carbon footprint and start leading a sustainable lifestyle.

A Company You Can Trust

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