Commercial Solar

Commercial buildings greatly benefit from switching to a solar power source. You will save a lot of money since your energy bill will significantly decrease. It is also a fantastic way for your business to start practicing sustainability. However the whole process of completing a commercial solar project needs to be carefully planned and flawlessly executed.

Our trusted suppliers of solar panels and other solar equipment will stand the test of time and stay functional for a long time especially if it involves a massive business space. It is crucial to make sure that your commercial solar project will be completed without any problems. Thomas Electrical can be your perfect partner for all your solar electrical services.

What to Consider Before Installing a Commercial Solar Power System

Before starting your commercial solar project there are some considerations you need to think about. We are here to guide you as you weigh up your options. We are always willing to answer your queries and give you expert advice.

1. Cost Effectiveness of the Big Switch

The first thing that you have to consider is the cost effectiveness of installing a solar power system for your commercial premises. Going solar is not always the best option. You have to make sure that it will be beneficial for your business and significantly reduce the amount you pay every month for your energy bill.

2. The Size of the Solar Power System

It is always cheaper in the long run if you install larger solar power systems. However you have to consider what is right for your needs and project budget to make the best decision.

3. The Production of the System

It is important to install your solar power system at the right orientation and pitch depending on the type of solar system and the location of your commercial premises. This is to ensure that you will get the best results possible out of the installation process.

4. Complexity of the Installation

There are factors that affect the overall complexity of the installation of your solar power system. Some of the factors are location, surrounding environment, nature of the business, types of equipment and a lot more.

5. Operation and Maintenance

Lastly you have to think about the maintenance and operation costs. Although it is generally affordable to maintain solar power systems it will still depend on your needs and budget if going solar is a great option.

A Company You Can Trust

Starting a solar project for your commercial building, establishment or premises is a major decision. A commercial solar project needs a lot of planning and research. Thomas Electrical can be your best partner to ensure safe, effective and reasonably priced solar electrical services for your commercial space. We have skilled and experienced electricians and project managers who will guide you throughout the duration of your commercial solar project. We’ll make sure to consider your needs, timeline and budget. We are your best choice for all your solar electrical service needs for your commercial business premises.

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